MCS Business of the month | Sweets By Elon

Many may associate the name Elon Hughes with gourmet pastries and her logo, however, few may know the ingredients it took to create Sweets by Elon.  Six years ago, during nap time at her daycare facility, Elon found herself with a bit of spare time and a sweet tooth.  Without any culinary experience, she took to baking the old fashioned way–through a little trial & error.  As time progressed, so did her skills. Starting out, Hughes made all of her pastries with love and gave them away with twice as much. Her treats began to gain popularity with her closest friends and family members and it was then, with their persistence, that Sweets by Elon came to fruition.   Today, Elon specializes in the crafting of a variety of gourmet desserts including cakes, puddings, truffles, cupcakes, chocolate dipped fruit, cheesecake stuffed strawberries and much more. The dessert that Elon feels is the most rewarding is her pound cake. It is the recipe she knows off the top of her head. When you can create a dessert with your eyes closed, you have mastered your craft. Without a doubt, the pound cake can be done in a day and baked to perfection with love. Elon jokes that her grandmother used to accuse her of stealing her recipes because her pound cakes are so good. Through her work, Elon’s goal has always been to not only fill tummies but to fill hearts too. Those who know her and have done business with her know that life would not be as sweet without Elon’s treats. Elon’s creativity drives her to always improve her craft and find that special something that sets her apart from the competition. Her company receives endless praise for the variety of treats she offers and she feels it’s all worth it when positive feedback or an excited referral comes to her door.   Sweets by Elon’s brand image brings determination to the company owner. “My business comes from referrals and repeat customers; I feel good when I put out a product they come back for.” A lot of her customers recognize her name or her logo and that solidifies her love and pride from owning her own business.   Sweets by Elon believes in using fresh ingredients and creating sweets that she can be truly proud of. If she receives requests for sweets too early, or can’t fit it into her schedule, she’ll turn away the customer. She strives to have the sweets as fresh and delicious as possible, and a cake sitting in a fridge for a few days just won’t do. Elon guarantees fresh quality ingredients and products. She will work until the wee hours in the morning during that 24-hour period if she can fit you in, but she will never sell a baked good she wouldn’t want to eat herself. Before Elon invested in marketing materials at MCS Multimedia, her business consisted of mostly referrals. Since purchasing her website she has received an increase in customers who have found her online. She gets many inquiries about her fliers and her banner and she is always happy to refer MCS Multimedia. “If you need business cards, if you need a web site, this is who you go to, and I trust them.” Elon is truly excited when she can hold her finished marketing products; it gives her a wonderful sense of professionalism.   Today she receives the majority of her business through social media. MCS Multimedia created a Facebook banner for her business page, which gets a lot of attention. Elon is dedicated to posting her creations every day.   In the past, Elon used one of MCS’ competitors for her printing. She found it difficult to navigate their website and struggled with posting new images to her website. “It was cheap and it was something quick and easy to do, but it wasn’t always reliable.” Elon felt a weight lifted off her shoulders when she started working with MCS Multimedia. She no longer had to worry about updating her website every day and whether or not it looked professional and represented her company image properly. To find out more about Sweets By Elon or to place an order please visit her websiteFacebook or Instagram


Today we are subject to advertisements and logos everywhere. Jay Walker-Smith, President of the Marketing Firm Yankelovich says that we’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970’s to as many as 5,000 a day today. So how do we stand out from the crowd in such a densely populated business environment? At MCS Multimedia, we’ve had 71 years of advertising experience to figure it out and now we’d like to pass the knowledge on to you.   When you look at successful logos, the thing they all have in common is simplicity. They have 1 or 2 elements at the most. The shapes are usually well discernible and have great silhouette value. When designing your logo keep in mind that it has to translate from a large billboard or vehicle wrap while still being legible in a small format where it needs to fit on a business card, clothing tag, etc. At MCS Multimedia, we make sure that your logo will look great in black and white and in color. Let our experienced designers help you to achieve an attention grabbing logo that exudes your brand’s beliefs.   Chose 1 color and do so with consideration. Color sparks emotion, so what message are you trying to portray? Orange Friendly, Cheerful, Confidence, Affordability, creativity, drive, energy, enthusiasm and        youthfulness Yellow Optimism, clarity, warmth, Attention, caution, curiosity, happiness, positivity and playfulness Red Excitement, Youthful, Bold, Action, adventure, aggressiveness, happiness, love, passion, and strength Pink Appreciation, femininity, gentleness, gratitude, happiness, innocence, love, playfulness, romance, tranquility, and youthfulness Purple Creative, Imaginative, Wise, Royalty, Authority, femininity, luxury, wealth, mystery, romance, sophistication, and spirituality Blue Trust, Dependable, Strength, Authority, calmness, confidence, dignity, success, and tranquility Green Peaceful, Growth, Calmness, health and healing, luxury, wealth, nature, and tranquility Grey Balance, Neutral, Calm Black Mystery, simplicity, and tradition At MCS Multimedia, we’ve done countless research and tests to find out which colors are effective and what message they send to our clients. If you want a logo to properly represent your brand, color is one of the most important factors to consider during your designing process.   Avoid trends while considering the consistency of your brand. Everything you produce in the marketing world should have the same logo, color style, and feeling. From social media banners, websites, brochures, fliers, it doesn’t matter. The viewer should go from one advertisement to another while identifying your company seamlessly. At MCS Mutlimedia we understand the importance of relevance and timeless logos. You don’t want to become outdated in a year because you picked a certain color or style that was popular at the time.   It’s smart to check out how your competitors are advertising themselves, but it is equally important that you set yourself apart from them. What makes you different? Don’t copy them. Make sure your clients won’t mistake your competitors for your company. At MCS Multimedia, we ask the questions you need to answer in order to set your company apart from your competitors. We evaluate what you like, what you don’t like and what is working and not working about your brand. Over the years we have stream lined the process to make it easier for both ourselves and our clients.   Add something to your logo that makes it interesting. Make it memorable by adding an interesting element that sets it apart. For example, you wouldn’t remember Apple’s logo if it didn’t have the bite taken out of it. Let MCS Multimedia’s creative design team add an element of interest to your outdated logo and create a whole new one for you. We are a firm packed with creativity and innovative minds excited to create beautiful logos that aren’t just a great representation of your brand and company but are geared towards your demographic.     At the end of the day, you want a logo that can stand alone and still be recognized as YOUR brand. Don’t get overwhelmed by the process or intimidated by competition or big brands, because think about it before Apple was Apple it was Macintosh. We’ve given you the tools, now it’s time to do the ground work. If you need help creating your logo or wish to improve your current one please feel free to contact us! MCS Multimedia is here to help and we’ll be with you every step of the way! Let our experienced designers make the process easier for you. You can walk away knowing that your logo is professional, timeless and eye catching.